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A partnership with the Nu chapter of Delta Sigma Pi provides companies with a unique opportunity to create a mutually beneficial relationship with 120 of Ohio State’s finest students. Not only do our members display great determination and strong academic aptitude, but they approach all aspects of life with integrity and a smile. In addition, these students have been honing their leadership skills to acclimate themselves to the professional world.


Furthermore, companies will be well positioned to take advantage of chapter Nu’s highly respected reputation. On a yearly basis, the chapter receives applications from more than 400 students who are interested in becoming members. Companies will garner access to these students before other firms and can start building authentic relationships within the school and among prospective employees. 

We offer three unique packages, and will tailor them to the specific needs of your organization

Our recruitment package includes the opportunity to give a 15 minute presentation before the whole chapter at the beginning of one of our weekly meetings. A post will also be made on our public Facebook page, viewed by current brothers and alumni, as well as prospective members members of the fraternity, providing information about opportunities at your company.

Our professional networking package includes an opportunity to host a private event for the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi and other students within the Fisher College of Business who are particularly interested in your company. You will work alongside our Vice President of Professionalism to create a hands on event that best suits your organization. Information regarding opportunities at you company will also be posted on our social media sites to be viewed by current brothers and alumni, as well as other other members of the Fisher College of Business

A full sponsorship is the best way to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the Nu chapter of Delta Sigma Pi and yor organization. You will receive the aspects of both packages listed above. Full sponsorship will maximize your interaction with the brothers, as well as the large network of alumni and Fisher College of Business students.

All packages include: Company logo on recruitment T-shirt, resume book of all active brothers, logo under corporate sponsorship on chapter website, correspondence through chapter through monthly updates (if desired).

For more information, please contact:

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Sofi Clawson

VP Fundraising

Gracie Gitzinger

VP Fundraising

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